Carly Tait

The perfect start to every day

Now that I know I have been selected for the British Para Athletic Team to compete in London, my training cycle can be locked down, and I can plan when and where I am eating before each training session.

I spend a lot of time travelling to the track, or away from home competing, so it’s great to have a staple go-to breakfast that I can prepare myself and know that it gives me the nutrition I need for the day ahead. When I am travelling I take a good supply of Co-op Porridge Pots with me, as I can prepare these myself whether I am in a hotel, or in a rush to get to the track.

If I have a little more time then I would look for the right ingredients to make my own great start to the day. It’s great to be able know I have everything I need to make a bowl of crunchy and fresh granola, and to have some Greek-style natural yoghurt and plenty of fruit and berries in the fridge. I can call into my local store in Wythenshawe when I pass, and make sure I have fresh fruit and yoghurt, and prepare everything the night before. It is perfect to have something this good, ready to either take with me, or have at home before a session training on my static wheelchair.

Breakfast is by far the most important meal, setting me up for training, which is normally in the morning. Plenty of water, some fresh orange juice, and coffee, to go with my favourite recipes, and I am more than set up for the day!

See my favourite way of making an oats and berries delight at home.

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